Friday, September 19, 2008

Tip: Skip Orchestration while Compiling

When you are working on several orchestrations, and need to compile your work, but one of orchestrations is still not working, but you don't care at the moment as you want to compile the other ones. How to do it?

- Right Click on the Orchestration in the Solution Explorer
- Set Build Action to None

- Compile the project and the orchestration will not be taken care of.

Easy feature!

Tip: Error Handling

I had 2 receive locations (1 Receive Port).
Each receive location did validation of a schema in the XmlReceive Pipeline
When an invalid message arrived, i wanted to send an email to the helpdesk and copy the incoming message in the error directory.

I had enabled routing for failed messags in the Receive Port

I created a send port group, adding filter BTS.ReceivePortName = the ReceiveLocation
+ ErrorReport.ErrorType exists.

When an invalid message arrived at the location, I received error entries in the eventlog, but the email nor the copy was processed.

I changed the filter to ErrorPort.ReceivePortName = receivelocation

It worked great.