Friday, March 14, 2008

Flat File Disassember Error: Unexpected end of stream while looking for

I receive a flat file, going thru a receive pipeline with a Flat File Disassembler Component. And I received the following error:

There was a failure executing the receive pipeline: "OmnioApplication.Pipelines.ReceiveFlatOmnioFile_IncomingRequest, OmnioApplication, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=99f7db139ef9cf70" Source: "Flat file disassembler" Receive Port: "OmnioFlatPort" URI: "D:\TestArea\Omnio\Input\IncomingRequest\*.txt" Reason: Unexpected end of stream while looking for:
Positional data (length is 24)
The current definition being parsed is RequestRevenue. The stream offset where the error occured is 72. The line number where the error occured is 2. The column where the error occured is 33.

While checking the Flat File I saw that the last line was an empty line. This means that after the last record, a carriage return was added.

So I went to the XSD of the flat file in Visual Studio and selected the Root Element
Within the properties I changed Child order to PostFix and it worked.


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Anonymous said...

Great the solution worked for me thanks

Anonymous said...

Worked for me as well!

Thank you sir